Mental Health Tips: Avoid Stress By Saving Your Money On Expensive Electric Bill

One of the stressors that most adults can’t shield themselves from is financial matters. Of course, there is too much to handle when providing food at the table and saving money for the family and children’s needs. But the part that needs to be taken care of all the time is the utility bills, particularly the electric. You may think that it is only a portion of your finances. But the truth is, it can cost you a lot if you do not consider learning some of the better ways to reduce your electric consumption. So I will share some of the important tips you have to practice to save your hard-earned cash on the expensive electric bill.


Let’s Talks About The Fridge

The fridge is the primary source of your unwanted and a bit expensive electric bill. It hogs almost thirteen to fifteen percent of your house’s total electric consumption. To reduce that, you have to make considerations. Let’s say you have a vintage or very old type of fridge that you still keep until now. It would be best to upgrade or change it to a newer fridge. Not because the newer fridge is stylish and classy, though it is also a factor. But for the mere reason, the latest and innovative fridge nowadays consumes less energy than the old ones. There are a lot of fridges that have advanced technological systems that offer convenience and practicality. It will be just a matter of what you prefer and what fits your house.

Aside from that, as we all know, it is significantly vital to keep your fridge close all the time. Because every time you open it and then close it, the fridge needs to power up. Yes, there are probably a lot of things you need to get from it. So understandably, you will have to repeatedly open and close it from time to time. However, to save energy, never allow the fridge to stay open longer than 5-minutes. If you need to get something out of the equipment, make it quick and instant. You do not have to scan all the shelves just to make up your mind on what you need to pull out. You can arrange everything in order as well or put things in a container. That way, you would know where to find the things you need. That will not only save you a minute but will also help the fridge conserve its energy more.


Another thing you must take note of is to keep the fridge full. Of course, you do not want it to be entirely stuffed with many things because you might end up not using any of the excess food in the fridge. Thus, it would be a waste of money when you finally throw that excess stuff. However, it would help if you never emptied it. That is because when there is more space in the fridge, more air is present inside. So when you open it, the more cool temperature goes out. And again, the fridge will need an ample amount of time to power up to bring back those released cool air. If you are not aware, a fridge at the right temperature can sustain the foods 24 to 48 hours much longer. That is, even if the power goes out. Thus, enough space you have, enough stuff inside the fridge, and less air-circulation, it can guarantee to keep everything good.


Again, the fridge takes 13 to 15 percent of your entire electric bill. But when it has a built-in running ice machine, the electric consumption calculation tends to be different. It actually adds another 5 percent to the total consumption. To avoid that, it would be best to turn off the ice machine. If it is not a hassle, try making your own ice by filling up the ice trays.

Another thing that you should also practice is keeping your fridge coils clean. It is important to clean it twice a year to avoid clogging. Because the coils get clogged, the fridge will have difficulty in properly releasing heat. With that, the compressor suffers because it will have to exert extra effort to work overtime. That particular issue can be damaging because it can shorten the lifespan of the fridge.



Perhaps you understand the value of these helpful tips, especially when it comes to your electric consumption. I get that an instant transition is entirely difficult. If you are not used to considering these tips, it will be hard to change your habits. But once you managed to incorporate these energy-saving tips for fridge use, you will be amazed at the benefits it can provide. That is because aside from lowering your energy consumption and saving you extra cash, you also help the environment.

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