Reaching Sustainable Development Through Green Engineering 

Green engineering can be found in every corner of the world. There are small-scale versions, which include company initiatives using biodegradable, eco-friendly, and recyclable inputs for their production. A bigger scale example are the technological innovations such as improved cars which are more environmentally friendly. Green engineering encompasses many aspects in life. Hence, let us break down this topic further.  


What Is Green Engineering? 

Green engineering involves the designing, innovation, and commercialization of products and processes which promotes sustainability without eliminating both efficiency and economic viability. Those practicing this approach should use science, technology, and engineering in improving the quality of both global and local environment.  

 Green engineering ensures the minimization of project risks to human health and the environment through the following strategies: 

  • Coming up with innovations which will reduce your facility’s pollutants 
  • Establishing techniques which will assure safe industrial production 
  • Making sure that all the finished output will not cost significant environmental impacts 
  • Reducing your business’ dependence on energy 
  • Minimizing waste and lessening the consumption of natural resources for production 
  • Decreasing the negative impact of your company’s operations on the environment 

 There are several ways to approach green engineering. Nevertheless, it has the same overall goal which is to spearhead ways to address the earth’s sustainability.  


Principles Of Green Engineering 

Green engineering is a comprehensive concept. Due to the vast array of ways on how to implement this practice, companies sometimes fail to come up with a plan to join this cause. Listed below are some principles of green engineering which can serve as a framework for designing better systems and processes.  



  1. Engineers and designers should ensure that all the inputs and outputs, whether it is a physical material or energy, are non-hazardous. This way, the health of those workers involved in these processes will not be sacrificed.  
  2. Actively inform the people around you regarding green engineering. Involve the participation of various communities and stakeholders to make the development of engineering solutions easier.  
  3. Study your operations thoroughly. Look for ways that won’t deliver more waste. It is easier to prevent residue than clean or treat it after its formation.  
  4. Avoid the use of natural resources. System components should not be more input-pushed; instead, it should be more output-pulled. This practice will lessen the consumption of both energy and physical materials. This kind of improved process will also assure the productivity of your company.  
  5. When coming up with design choices, it is better to resort to recycling and reusing. The wastes that were produced by other processes can be used as an input to other production methods.  
  6. Try to devise a system plan which will answer the engineering concept of “one size fits all.” This solution will lessen the equipment and machines needed in the manufacturing of products.  
  7. Designers should ensure that all the input required for the production processes are renewable and readily available throughout their life cycle. This will ensure the sustainability of the process.  


Examples Of Green Engineering Innovations 

As mentioned earlier, there are many ways to come up with your own green engineering initiatives. However, the most famous strategy nowadays is how companies look for techniques to reduce the cooling and heating needs in business production. Putting effort into this issue contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  


Industrial companies now use a combined heat power system for their power plants. This system uses the captured heat from the generated electricity and redirects it further to the company’s facility. Many power plants now implement this kind of green engineering innovation.  

Incorporating green engineering into your business may be difficult at first. However, this practice will not only be beneficial to your workers but to the whole world as well. Remember also that consumers are more inclined to buy from businesses which create an impact. Engaging yourself with green engineering will definitely be a game changer.  


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